Park Circus Study Area – Conservation Appraisal January 2016

Glasgow has 24 Conservation Areas, all but 4 of which have completed Conservation Area Appraisals (CAAs). Planning authorities are required to identify Conservation Areas and prepare Appraisals for each of them which, after a period of public consultation, serve to guide development so as to preserve the character and integrity of the Conservation Area. Only 4 of the City’s conservation areas do not yet have CAAs. One of the omissions is Park, despite this area having been recognised as a Conservation and Improvement Area as long ago as 1964, before conservation areas had any statutory meaning.
We now have a major development proposed at Park Quadrant, with no completed CAA to protect the Park area from inappropriate development. Freedom of Information requests to the Council were initially met with denials that a draft CAA existed. Six months later, after appeals to the Information Commissioner, a preconsultative draft was reluctantly made available but this contains very little detail for an area of such architectural heritage importance as Park, and has no statutory force.
It is regrettable that such an important conservation area has less protection than those which have completed CAAs in place. At their own expense, Park and Woodlands Heritage Group therefore commissioned MAST Architects to produce a Study Area Appraisal for the part of the Park Area centred on Park Circus and containing the development site. This was first published at a Symposium held in the Goethe Institut on 23 January, followed by an Exhibition which runs there until 1 February from 10am until 8pm, and may be relocating thereafter.

The Study Area Appraisal is now available in the resources section of this website /wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Park-Circus-Study-Area-Conservation-Appraisal-January-2016.pdf or from Dropbox

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